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Frequently Asked Questions

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We are always happy to hear from our guests and potential guests. Contact us at or visit our contact us page and we will answer any additional questions you might have! 

Booking Questions
BOOKING Questions

What is a credit card hold? 

Credit card holds are standard in the hospitality industry. It is essentially a security deposit that we refund to you 3 days after your stay. If you do not follow our rules or cause damage to the property you risk losing your security deposit and incurring additional fees.  


What is the accidental damage protection fee? 

Accidents happen and we don’t want them to ruin your trip! For a small fee, accidental damages to a cabin are covered. Any damage not covered by this insurance could result in the loss of your security deposit and additional fees.  

Protection Amount

Fowler Cabin - $5,000

Spring Water Retreat - $3,000


Why am I being charged a cleaning fee? 

Cleanliness and sanitation are very important to us and to our guests. We do not cut corners when it comes to cleaning. Our cleaning crew makes sure each cabin is deep cleaned and spotless before a guest arrives.   

Cancelation Policy

Guest receives 100% (less $50.00 cancellation fee) if cancellation occurs at least 14 days before arrival; Guest receives 50% (less $50.00 cancellation fee) if cancellation occurs at least 7 days before arrival; No refunds within 7 days of arrival. $50 fee is to partially cover the processing fees associated with the transactions. 

Travel Insurance

We offer basic travel insurance packages from Rental Guardian. A standard and cancel for any reason policy can be purchased during checkout or upon request after booking. Travel Insurance is available for purchase up to 30 days before check-in. These policies are charged and held by a third party, not Mill Creek Cabins, LLC. More information on the policies offered by Rental Guardian can be found below.

Cancel for any reason policy (9.8% of total trip cost): Protects my vacation up to 100% for covered reasons like illness, injury, natural disasters, travel delays, and more. I can also cancel for a reason not listed in the policy and be eligible for a 60% reimbursement. Must be used 3 days or more before check-in.

Standard Policy (7% of the total trip cost): Protects vacation up to 100% for covered reasons like illness, injury, natural disasters, travel delays, and more.



Can I walk in the woods? 

We ask our guests to stay out of the wooded areas. We are working on cleaning up the property and ask all guests to stay within the designated areas for their safety.  

Can I bring my dog?  

No. We do not allow pets or comfort animals on the property currently. If you break this rule you will forfeit your entire security deposit. No exceptions.  


Will there be a host available on the property? 

Contact is very limited. We try to give our guests as much privacy as possible. If there is any reason you need assistance during your stay someone is always nearby to help! 

Are there security cameras? 

Yes. We have outdoor security cameras at the entrance of each cabin. This is to prevent trespassers on the property and ensure a safe stay for our guests. We do not monitor or use the cameras during your stay



Can I swim in the lake? 

If you are at a cabin with lake access, yes. Access to the main lake is limited to your cabin so please stay within your designated area and be respectful of other guests. The lake is spring-fed and has multiple aerators that make the water very clear. It is a lake so there are weeds, fish, and sometimes turtles in it. We do our best to keep areas near the beach as clean as possible. 

How Deep is the lake? 

There is a gradual slope reaching 16' deep in the center where you can see straight to the bottom.

Are there beach toys?

Yes, there are some toys for building sandcastles (buckets, shovels, etc.). There are no flotation devices to play with. 

Can I bring a canoe, kayak, or other watercraft? 

Sometimes... Please ask if you have any intention of bringing your own watercraft. You will be held entirely liable for any incidents, damages, or other issues. Again, we ask that you are respectful to other guests that may be using the lake.  

Can I fish out of the lake?

Yes, but please be aware that our lakes are catch and release only! If you wish to learn more about trout fishing and other fishing in the area please visit our fishing page HERE

What is a Credit Card Hold?
Accidental damage protection
Cleaning fee
During your Stay
Cancelation Policy
Travel insurance
house rules
House Rules

Breaking house rules can result in losing your security deposit!


Be respectful of other guests!

Quiet time is 10 pm - 8 am

Stay away from other cabins and equipment

  • You may turn the AC or heat on as needed

  • Laundry washer and dryer can be used as needed

  • Please do any dishes you use and wipe down counters and oven tops before leaving.

  • Be respectful of the antiques and decorations we have on display

Indoor Rules 

  • No smoking in or near the cabin. 

  • No parties or extra guests

  • No Pets

  • Keep food and liquids in the kitchen

Outdoor Rules

  • No littering or cigarette butts left on the property

  • Stay off cement walls and retaining walls

  • Fishing out of the lake is catch and release only

  • No hunting is allowed

  • Stay out of wooded areas

Check-Out Instructions

  • Place all towels that were used next to the washer and dryer

  • Make sure all dishes, utensils, and other kitchen tools are clean and put away.

  • Wipe down surfaces.

  • Put all garbage and recycling in the trash can outside

  • Shut all windows

  • Turn off all lights

  • Lock all doors

Check out instructions
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